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  • Education and advocacy to tackle antibiotic resistance

    Actively advocating worldwide

    On June 2015, bioMérieux participated in the White House Forum on Antibiotic Stewardship, making an active contribution to discussions concerning the Obama administration's National Action Plan for Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria. This Forum gathered 150 leading experts on antibiotic resistance, to discuss the possible ways to implement changes over the next 5 years to slow the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, prevent the spread of resistant infections and preserve the efficacy of our existing antibiotics. Key discussions also focused on the development of not only new antibiotics but also new infectious disease diagnostics.

    The Chief Medical Officer of bioMérieux, Mark Miller, was a participant at the 2016 General Assembly of the United Nations which issued a strong commitment of all Member States to curb the spread of drug-resistant infections.(88)


    On January 20, 2017, on the fringes of the annual Davos World Economic Forum, a round table discussion was held on the topic of the fight against antimicrobial resistance and, more specifically, the necessary commitment in relation to diagnostic solutions. bioMérieux was part of this discussion, which brought together international stakeholders from both the public and private sectors,  On this occasion, Jean-Luc Belingard, Chairman of bioMérieux, reiterated the medico-economic value of diagnostic tests in this fight, for patients and public healthcare bodies alike.


    In France, bioMérieux also played an active role in the launch of the Interministerial Plan to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance. During the 1st Interministerial Health Committee meeting held on November 17th, 2016, attended by Nicolas Cartier, Corporate VP, Industry Unit at bioMérieux, the roadmap presenting 13 measures and 40 actions to combat antibiotic resistance was adopted.



    bioMérieux’s initiatives in AMR

    Since 2007, bioMérieux has organized a biannual conference on healthcare-associated infections and bacterial resistance, modelled on the "Davos World Economic Forum". Called the "World HAI/Resistance Forum", this event brings together nearly 70 leading international experts in human and animal health, to discuss the emergence and spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria and propose concrete actions for decision-makers. This bi-annual meeting has prompted the organization of satellite meetings on antibacterial resistance in several countries.


    The 5th World HAI/Resistance Forum held in June 2015 was entitled "Antimicrobial resistance: One World – One Fight!". The Forum provided the participants with the opportunity to share their global experience and expertise in antimicrobial resistance in humans, animals, the environment and food.


    Global Point Prevalence Survey


    Among the main features was the presentation of the preliminary results of the first "Global Point Prevalence Survey (PPS)", a study totally and uniquely supported by bioMérieux and which originated at the 4th HAI/Resistance Forum in 2013. The Global-PPS was launched in 2014 and was designed to provide a global "snapshot" of antibiotic use and resistance.

    Unprecedented in scope, it is coordinated by the University of Antwerp Hospital (Belgium) and a group of experts including Professors Herman Goossens, Dilip Nathwani, Vincent Jarlier and Peter Zarb, who have already conducted studies of this kind. It included 100,000 patients and mobilized more than 335 hospital centers in more than 53 countries across all continents. The information obtained will be used to create a global database dedicated to antibiotic consumption and resistance in hospital settings.

    A report was presented in November 2015, coinciding with Antibiotic Awareness Week 2015 and the final results of the survey were presented during ECCMID 2016.(24)

    Since then, the Global PPS has been endorsed by WHO, CDDEP, IDSA and GARP. Following the valuable insights obtained through the first Global-PPS, bioMérieux renewed its support for a second Global-PPS in 2017. The new edition will focus on  education and on LMIC , which frequently have high antimicrobial prescription rates and resistance levels, yet have no access to surveillance networks. With more than 65 countries now represented, the new survey is being launched together with a series of educational tools to support LMI countries, in particular, a PPS e-learning tool developed by the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC) and with bioMérieux’s support. This training module, associated with other tools, will help hospitals develop and implement customized action plans based on their Global-PPS results and local priorities.

    N.B.: bioMérieux, as part of its global commitment to surveillance and stewardship, is the sole sponsor of the Global-PPS and E-learning PPS. bioMérieux has no role in study design, data collection, data analysis, data interpretation, or writing the report. Data are strictly confidential and stored anonymously at the coordinating centre of the University of Antwerp, Belgium.


    ⇒ More on the Global-PPS

    The conclusions of the 5th edition of the Forum also highlighted the important role of the education in the combat against antimicrobial resistance. Therefore, bioMérieux has committed to support the implementation of easily accessible training tools, adapted to different user targets. The biannual World HAI/Resistance Forum is also responsible for subsequent satellite meetings on antibacterial resistance thoughout the world, initiated by both Forum attendees and bioMérieux subsidiaries.

    > Proceedings of the 2015 Forum: see article in the Aric journal




    In addition to the World HAI/Resistance Forum, bioMérieux sponsors several symposia related to antibacterial resistance, in the framework of annual scientific meetings (e.g.ASM, ICAAC, IDWeek, World Antimicrobial Resistance Congress and ECCMID). The Company also supports awareness initiatives and high-level scientific meetings, as well as national symposia and awareness days related to antibacterial resistance for human and veterinary healthcare professionals.

    bioMérieux also supports the declaration of the World Alliance Against Antibiotic Resistance.(71)