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  • The key role of diagnostics in fighting antibiotic resistance

    bioMérieux’s fight against antibiotic resistance

    bioMérieux’s fight against antibiotic resistance


    As a major global player in the diagnosis of infectious diseases, bioMérieux develops diagnostic tests and educational tools which play a highly instrumental part in the fight against antimicrobial resistance.  Building on more than 50 years of commitment to serving global public health and its leadership position in microbiology, bioMérieux has long made the fight against antimicrobial resistance one of its core priorities.

    Alexandre Mérieux,
    Chairman and CEO of bioMérieux

    The diagnostic solutions developed by bioMérieux are well suited for answering the needs of human and veterinarian medicine, those of food safety and of any industry which relies on the effective control of microbial pathogens (for instance pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biotechnology companies). bioMérieux has built a unique expertise in microbial detection, enumeration, identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing. The company is continually investing in research and development and has established strategic partnerships to develop innovative solutions. Its long-term commitment is to combat the persistent threat from infectious diseases and provide new weapons against emerging resistance.