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  • bioMérieux and its pledge to curb antibiotic resistance

    Our pledge

    bioMérieux is leveraging its commitment and history of fighting infectious diseases to provide solutions and services to help curb antibiotic resistance worldwide. No other healthcare solutions company brings the same level of expertise and innovation to address this problem, spanning the human, veterinary, environmental and food sectors.

    As a pioneer in the development of antibiotic resistance detection and susceptibility testing, bioMérieux provides a number of diagnostic solutions to guide clinicians and support them in determining the most effective treatment. With speed and precision, bioMérieux’s tests identify the pathogen responsible for the infection and the organism’s susceptibility to antibiotics, thereby indicating the antibiotic agents best suited to treat the infection. They help make it possible to provide targeted, adjusted and specific therapies - only when necessary – often avoiding the administration of broad-spectrum antibiotics.

    brochure-amrDiscover our new educational brochure about AMR! It explains how diagnostic tests are instrumental for antimicrobial stewardship programs and their impact on public health worldwide. 

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    bioMérieux provides solutions to facilitate the preparation and analysis of biological samples, detect and quantify disease-causing agents, evaluate their susceptibility to antibiotics, and monitor antibiotic drug resistance trends over time. This is key for determining the sources of disease and contamination, improving human and animal health, and ensuring agri-food and medical product safety.(1)

    bioMérieux’s solutions for antibiotic resistance help healthcare professionals to:

    • diagnose infections,
    • prescribe the most effective antibiotic,
    • detect outbreaks of resistant bacteria,
    • track the spatial and temporal evolution of antibiotic resistance,
    • prevent further spread of pathogens and resistance through appropriate use of antibiotics, patient or animal isolation/containment,
    • make informed decisions more rapidly,
    • enhance the scientific understanding of the transmission of resistance between bacteria,
    • communicate and educate the various stakeholders about antibiotic resistance

    Furthermore, bioMérieux research teams work in ever-closer cooperation with pharmaceutical companies to develop susceptibility tests to accompany the launch of new antibiotics on the market. The bioMérieux Companion Diagnostic program offers tailored and complete partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, which includes:

    • implementing a supportive diagnostic approach during the clinical trials of a novel antibiotic by targeting the optimal patient population and pathogens, leading to both time- and cost- savings for pharmaceutical companies, as well as an increased probability of trial success.
    • developing a “companion diagnostic” test that could be used during the antibiotic commercialization step to ensure the most appropriate choice of antibiotic in a given context (i.e. “Personalized Medicine ”).

    As part of its ongoing collaboration with AstraZeneca*, a global, science-led biopharmaceutical company, bioMérieux is supporting their iCREST multicenter surveillance study.(94) The project will make use of bioMérieux’s CHROMID® CARBA SMART chromogenic culture media and 2 types of bioMérieux’s antibiotic susceptibility strips (ETEST®). The objective is to determine the prevalence of carbapenem-resistant infections and to assess the efficiency of a new combination antibiotic, Zavicefta/Avicaz (ceftazidime/avibactam) to treat these serious antibiotic-resistant infections.

    Carbapenem resistance is classified by CDC as “an immediate public health threat that requires urgent and aggressive action(95), and is also a critical issue in The Priority Pathogens List published by WHO to promote the development of new antibiotic.(113)


    Due to the acquisition of AstraZeneca’s anti-infective business by Pfizer, moving forward, this program will be managed by Pfizer.