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  • bioMérieux and its pledge to curb antibiotic resistance

    Our veterinary solutions for antibiotic resistance

    bioMérieux takes a global approach to human and animal health. The company’s expertise in clinical microbiology has served as the basis for bioMérieux’s commitment to veterinary diagnostics. bioMérieux provides veterinary laboratories with a wide range of diagnostic solutions to fight against antimicrobial resistance and emerging animal diseases.

    bioMérieux is dedicated to helping veterinary labs provide actionable results faster, because  time-to-diagnosis and therapeutic efficacy are paramount to infection control, preventing and managing multi-drug resistance and reducing animal healthcare costs and losses.

    Antibiotic susceptibility testing results by both manual and automated methods support the surveillance of emerging bacterial resistance patterns to improve case/outbreak management in animal populations.



    Veterinary laboratories need quality solutions to perform screening, detection and enumeration of microorganisms.

    The CHROMID™ range of high-performance chromogenic culture media provides results in 18-24 hours for the main microorganisms tested in veterinary diagnostics. Chromogenic media deliver more reliable differentiation of pathogens, faster and easier reading of results and demonstrate extremely high selectivity and high specificity.


    bioMérieux is considered as a reference in terms of microbial identification. With both manual and automated solutions, adapted to veterinarians’ needs, our products offer rapid, accurate and standardized identification results for all types of specimens.


    The API®/ID32 range is the international reference in terms of standardized microbial identification. Simple, rapid and reliable, these ready-to-use manual identification strips cover more than 600 different species of bacteria and yeasts. They are an ideal solution for veterinary laboratories performing routine identification. The comprehensive APIWEB™ internet database provides interpretive reading for each identification strip.

    The VITEK® MS matrix assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectrometry system is revolutionizing the world of microbial identification. VITEK® MS identifies the most common Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, and yeasts, within minutes. The system database contains a large number of specific microorganisms for the veterinary industry.

    VITEK® 2 is an automated identification/susceptibility testing system capable of identifying the vast majority of routine organisms encountered in veterinary diagnostics. Results can be obtained within hours thanks to the combination of analysis software and an original, miniaturized consumable, the VITEK® 2 card, which is available for a wide range of microorganisms.

    Antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST)

    Veterinary diagnostic laboratories are constantly required to perform AST with animal samples, and bioMérieux has developed a wide range of solutions to support this activity, allowing better control of animal disease and reducing the risk of human contamination.

    Used for microbial identification, VITEK® 2 instruments are also a recognized technology for AST and resistance detection. These automated systems help perform same-day susceptibility tests, significantly increasing the veterinary lab’s workflow. Offering a wide menu of the most relevant susceptibility tests for veterinary diagnostics, the VITEK®  2 systems demonstrate high performance with the ability to detect even low level resistance and new resistance mechanisms (AmpC, ESBL, MBL, etc…).


    ETEST® is an agar-based antibiotic gradient method that provides MIC (Minimum Inhibitory Concentration) values and tests a broad range of antimicrobial concentrations. For veterinary laboratories, determining quantitative MIC data is essential both to ensure animal health and to avoid any risk of zoonosis (disease transmission from animals to man).