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    Speeding Up and Enhancing Diagnostics

    Speeding Up and Enhancing Diagnostics

    Our R&D teams are also working to further advance the speed and performance of our existing platforms.

    One such project is the new technology being developed for the VITEK® 2 Identification and Susceptibility System. Research teams are working to extend the existing menu of VITEK® 2 cards, and in particular, to enhance the detection of resistance to carbapenems mediated by enzymes or other mechanisms. Carbapenems are some of the last-line antibiotics today to treat multi-drug resistant infections. In other work, through the use of new technologies such as enhanced optical imaging, antibiotic susceptibility results may be accelerated to provide highly accurate results within a few hours.

    These state-of-the-art and innovative enhancements will deliver additional medically relevant information, increased accuracy of results and the availability of same-day test reports, helping to fight antibiotic resistance by guiding targeted antibiotic treatment to patients earlier and more efficiently.


    The viability of E. coli can be determined by fluorescent labeling.

    Photo credit : Quentin Josso, bioMérieux